About ALightUp

Founded in 2015, from germination to the real establishment, ALightUp has prepared for the establishment for 10 years. During the 10 years,  we accumulate the experience of making solid wood furniture and the love for it, and experience countless happiness and sadness during the making and designing it at the same time. After the baptism of life, we decide to concentrate on creating solid wood lamps brand ALightUp by the deep understanding of our heart.

On the basis of quality assurance, we insist on characteristic design. We use our own products to express our recognition of solid wood lamps, hoping that more people will love our works by all our efforts.

Wood is the selfless gift of nature and is the most environmentally friendly material. ALightUp does not blindly pursue scale and market, yet to figure out the real needs of users, to make what users really want-to make solid wood lamps that reflect the user’s character and spiritual is our only goal.